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“A hilarious travelogue for the social media generation… [regarding a possible sequel] If it’s anything like this trip, it’ll be worth reading too.” read more


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“A Canadian waitress who swears like a fishwife goes to Boracay.” read more


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“If you’re skeptical of those aggrandizing blogs that portray travel as suspiciously perfect, then this hilarious memoir is a must-read. A neurotic and disenchanted Millennial, author Sue sets out on a year-long round-the-world trip with her frustratingly flawless mate Sara in hopes of “finding herself.” Instead, she falls victim to a series of awkward, embarrassing and ridiculous mishaps that’ll have you laughing out loud—so don’t read this while the rest of the plane is asleep! An honest and heartwarming book.” read more


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“Making it from Namibia to Nepal, this amusing, misadventure-filled travelogue gives a funny, realistic account of what it takes to travel the world with your worldly possessions on your back — and get out alive.” read more


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“Raise your hand if your mother is constantly reminding you to be careful and not do anything stupid. Yeah, I thought so. Sue Bedford gave her own mother’s advice a moment or two of thought, and then headed off into the world to take risks, stare down challenges, and do a handful (or more) of things her mother definitely would have classified as unwise.” read more