Author Bio

My life goal was to publish a book by my 30th birthday. With It’s Only the Himalayas and Other Tales of Miscalculation from an Overconfident Backpacker launching on April 5th 2016, I’ll be accomplishing it with a whopping 12 days to spare. What an overachiever, eh?

I always wanted to be a writer growing up – namely because I was never very good at anything else. In grade school, my math exams were returned marked not with X’s but with question marks as though the teacher was perplexed by what I’d even been going for, and during gym class my hand-eye coordination was equivalent to that of a snake. As an adult, I entertained a variety of bizarre occupations – window dancer, online dating representative, even tattoo artist for a brief time in Guatemala – yet it turned out I wasn’t very good at those, either (to those beautifully credulous souls that entrusted me with their skin: uh… sorry).

Even traveling I wasn’t very good at – as those of you reading the book are undoubtedly aware – but I had a blast. At least, I did when I wasn’t falling off of a mountain or being attacked by monkeys or inadvertently roofie-ing one of my friends (to that beautifully credulous soul: see above). Anyway, if I’ve learned anything from my misadventures, it’s that the risk is always worth taking. Because if disaster strikes… well, that always makes for the best stories.

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